Battle to Save Sumatran Elephants, New Tiger Cubs and Wildlife Losing to Expansion

The Battle to save Sumatra’s elephants From Extinction

Saving Sumatran Elephants

Saving Sumatran Elephants

For decades, there has been some kind of conflict between humans and elephants, and elephants are the loosing group. In villages, the farmers, along with other villagers kill the elephants just to save their crops and houses, which has resulted in around 80 percent population loss of elephants since 1930s. Within last 20 years, the elephant population decreased from 1,342 to 201 in the Riau Province only.

A major reason for this population loss is the loss of elephant habitat, which is converted into farms by humans, and along with that, great companies also cut down hectares of forests for palm oil and paper plantations. Due to this habitat loss, elephants have to move to the villages to consume food and are eventually killed by the farmers. Sumatran Elephant Conservation Initiative [SECI], and some other NGOs are working for the Sumatra

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