At Berdiri we want to empower volunteers, activists, photo journalists and even NGO’s to be able to tell their story and inspire others to stand up and take action. Berdiri Projects will provide funding for people to be able to go out in the field and be a vehicle or the face to deliver stories on humanitarian, cultural and conservation issues. These projects will be crowd funded projects and will be Berdiri specific projects as well as projects you suggest. Suggest a project to @berdiri_world or sign up for when Berdiri projects become available.

Crowd funding photo journalism


For example…

As a part of Berdiri current photo journalists and up and coming photo journalists get to apply for jobs. A job is posted with the need for a photo journalist to travel to and photograph a certain location and or issue and a crowd funding goal is set for the job. When the job reaches the required cut off to proceed then a photo journalist is chosen to undertake the job.

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