What is the Project

The Zam Zam Global Orphanage in Bengkulu is just one place that does it’s best in a tough part of the world. When I visited the orphanage, they explained to me that a good portion of the rooms were collapsing and the water pump is broken. There are approximately thirty kids in this one orphanage and the place could use some help.

What’s Alredy Provided and Still Needed

I propose to buy them a new water pump = 4 million rupiah ($400+). I also propose to buy them some building material to fix up the building and add a extra room if possible ($500+).

  • Water Pump < Already provided. Cost = $200
  • New all purpose room for sleeping, eating and meeting to replace an already crumbling structure. < Work in progress. Estimated cost = $1100

Total raised so far is $1030

How to Help

At the moment the fund raising for the Zam Zam Orphanage is closed as we progress with the work using the previously raised funds of $1030. As we find more needs for the orphanage more fund raising projects will be opened.

Update October 16, 2013

Here is a recent video as a thank you for helping provide the new water pump. As you can imagine the kids were pretty happy.

[jwplayer mediaid=”760″]