EoS Book Excerpt (Elephants of Sumatra) – The Projects

Below is a sample extract from the up coming Elephants of Sumatra – The Final Stand documentary photography book being published in support of the critically endangered sumatran elephants and the various projects we have, projects we support directly in the field or indirectly by other means. The final product will be a 100 page photography documentary book created by Berdiri Founder Bruce Levick based on the back of 3 years in the field documenting

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GMB Akash – Photo Journalist

GMB Akash is a photo journalist living in Bangladesh and is truly an inspiration with his photography and his actions to provide change and bettering the subject he photographs. Below is an email interview we did with GMB Akash so take a look at his inspirational work.

Akash (11) Berdiri: What originally got you started in photography?

GMB Akash: I was always passionate about poking the

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