• Breeding Program

      Currently the elephants of the Elephant Conservation Center in Seblat Bengkulu do not have sufficient resources to provide a safe environment for the elephants to mingle and given the opportunity to breed. We have successfully completed the first stage, which is completing the fence and is now active. Now we need to provide continued support with food and supplements as well as the eventual purchase of an ultrasound machine to provide regular check-ups for the elephants.
      $5,400.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
    • Drone Patrol Units

      Supporting Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation and Protection of Sumatran Elephant Populations and Habitat through Assisting the larger project Elephant Response Units (ERU) in Way Kambas, Lampung Province, Sumatra.
      $0.00 donated of $25,200.00 goal
    • Elephants of Sumatra – The Book

      Documenting the story of the critically endangered Elephants of Sumatra, the crisis and how you can help. Proceeds from book sales will go directly back into the Berdiri projects.
      $600.00 donated of $8,000.00 goal
    • Camera Trap Programs Way Kambas

      To protect the Cabang area and the remaining wildlife including the remaining wild herds of elephants and secondly to document the remaining numbers of wild elephants and tigers inside the northern section of the TNWK.
      $0.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal