Palm Oil, Pulp and Paper and the Sumatran Tiger

Palm Oil Is Killing the Sumatran Tiger

Greenpeace report accuses illegal and excessive palm oil export for driving the Sumatran tigers to the phase of extinction. It says that the world is getting addicted to palm oil products, no matter if it is mascara, or the laundry detergent, or even some yummy cookies. Indonesia is making a lot of money out of it, being the biggest palm oil exporter, but this is not as simple as it seems. Production comes with a lot of costs, including encroachment of rain-forests, land clearing, which often results in acrid smog.

Between 2009- 2011, Indonesia lost some 1.24 million hectares of forests, which were mainly the habitats of Sumatran tiger. This massive land clearing resulted in sudden extinction of Sumatran tigers, which are now just 400 left on the planet. See full details at:


Indonesian police investigating murder stumble on secret zoo containing liger

While investigating the death of a 23 year old woman, murdered by a maintenance worker in Jakarta, officers discovered a mini zoo in the suspected villa. More than a dozen animals were discovered from the mini zoo, including several species of monkeys, a tiger, Javan peacocks, Timorese deers, rare species of dogs and geese. The most unusual animal discovered was a

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