Tragedy in London, Born Impact and Indonesian Forests

London Zoo’s first Sumatran tiger cub in 17 years drowns in pool

London zoo is upset after the death of their first tiger cub on Saturday morning. The cub was born at London Zoo after some 17 years. The dead cub was seen near the edge of pool inside the cage. The cub was too young to be named or sexed. The birth of the cub, by her mother- a five years old Sumatran tigress Melati, was watched and celebrated all over the world. The post-mortem report confirms that the cub died of drowning.

It is assumed that Melati brought the cub outside, but it still cannot be determined how the cub slipped into

the pool, as there are no cameras in the pool area. However, specialists suggest that mother usually does not take cubs outside so early, so situation is being reviewed. The zoo keepers and management is very distressed about the death, especially those who used to take care of the cub. See full details at:


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