Vets Needed

For the Berdiri Elephant Breeding program it is important for us to regular checkups for the elephants health, provide medication and do monthly pregnancy tests.

The Sumatran Elephant is listed as critically endangered. In Sumatra in situations of human/elephant conflict on most occasions wild elephants will often be placed into conservation centres situated throughout the island of Sumatra.

Currently in Sumatra, Indonesia there is a lack of vet resources needed to properly care for these camp elephants.

At Berdiri we want to help provide that opportunity to vets from anywhere around the world to volunteer and help with our Breeding Program elephants. Too come to Sumatra and volunteer your time and skills to local Indonesian vets.

Our Volunteer Vet program provides includes the following for vets upon arrival.

  • Accommodation and transport
  • All meals included while in the field
  • Some but not all medical equipment
  • Required medicine unless specifically requested
  • Ultrasound machine for health checks and pregnancy tests

For further details and to organise your volunteer trip to Sumatra contact links below.