How to Volunteer in South East Asia

Volunteering in SE Asia, a How-to Guide

250-adWhile at first glance, South-East Asia seems a calm and tranquil region, there are many problems that lurk just below the surface, both humanitarian and ecological. This article hopes to serve as an advisory guide to help you make a difference in the region, from helping to protect the endangered orang-utan from extinction in Borneo, to teaching English in Phnom Penh, to helping the orphaned and poverty-stricken children of Vietnam, there is much work to be done, and much that you can help with. If you don’t have the ability to volunteer personally, this guide will also show you other methods to make a difference.

The Plight of the Orang-utan

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Midway Trailer

Chris Jordan brings to light through documentary photography an issue that is easily ignored. In the earths surrounding oceans there are gyres that hold any waste that is not correctly

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Perhaps no other place is more globally recognized as a symbol of the African continent

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The Trafficking of the Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko

Recently a new study has found that millions of Tokay Geckos are being harvested more so for traditional medicines in East Asia. It was at one stage reported that Tokay Geckos were being harvested as a supposed cure for aids. But this is no longer the case. The demand for trafficking of Tokay Geckos has increased remarkably and while a lot of East Asia are breeding them in captivity the supply does not meet the demand. For a more in depth look on the study, head over to

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Fifth Graders Learn Water Conservation Lessons

fifth graders learn water conservation
Education is key to conserving the planet. Here some young kids learn all about the best practices for conserving water. Read more about it here.

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We need the next generation to be our EARTH generation


I read a quote recently by Buzz Aldrin. He stated that we need the next generation to be the Mars generation. We need to get a colony to mars by 2030. I couldn’t disagree with this possibly any more than I actually do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of humans in space and think these achievements are nothing short of extraordinary. But it’s thinking like this that we cannot employ if we are to continue living on this planet for centuries to come. And not just us but also the many species we are destroying by living the way we are. We need the next generation to be the EARTH generation. We need to focus our efforts and resources solving the issues we have here first. We cannot continue down the same path and expect that everything will just be ok.

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A Single Step…


Today Berdiri collectively takes a single step towards making a difference. This is the first step of many in the hope of inspiring change and making a difference. With the launch of Berdiri now complete it’s time to think about those 2nd, 3rd and future steps that we need to take to achieve the goals of effecting change. Please help us and become an advocate of Berdiri, a volunteer, a photo journalist, an activist or even tell us about your NGO so can start sharing the stories of your amazing work from around the world.

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Green Documentary

This documentary takes a different approach. Throughout there is no commentary, but the use of simply the sound of forest destruction, factories and the silence of death make this ever more compelling. Brilliantly edited the documentary shows the tragic circumstances that surround the orangutans of Sumatra from the destruction of their habitat. Following the life and subsequent death of one displaced orangutan gives purity to message that needs to shared. Very compelling.

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Human Trafficking in Russia

Slavery seems like a distant notion. We image slaves as people living hundreds of years ago in conditions that we can

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