Surabaya Zoo, Philipe Cousteau, Sumatran Tiger Killer Demands Money…

Nanik’s fate renews pressure on zoo

A prematurely born orangutan died after living a short life in Indonesia

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Rescuing Sumatran Tigers, World Rhino Day and Sumatra Fires…

Rescuing Sumatran tigers from extinction

Melani, one of the 10 female Sumatran tigers from Surabaya Zoo, is now under intensive care at the Indonesian Safari Park (TSI), due to her digestive disorder.

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Sumatra Wildlife and Environment Weekly News

Do Orangutans Plan? When It Comes To Travel They Do

A new research conducted by University of Zurich, shows that the night before Sumatran male orangutans travel through the forest, they often produce long, loud calls in the direction they plan to go. It provides a cue to other members of the community to plan for the trip ahead, and is the first field-observed case of primates planning for future events this far in advance.

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Sumatra Wildlife and Conservation News

Indonesian Tiger Who Survived Poisoning Returns To Zoo Home

Two-year-old Ayu, a young Sumatran tiger, sole survivor of the recent incident of poisoning, returned to her caged-in area at the Taman Rimbo Zoo in Jambi, after a week. The investigation is still being carried on to find the culprits of the incident which took place on 17 August and involved strychnine, a chemical which is highly controlled in the country. The zoo visitors

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The Trafficking of the Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko

Recently a new study has found that millions of Tokay Geckos are being harvested more so for traditional medicines in East Asia. It was at one stage reported that Tokay Geckos were being harvested as a supposed cure for aids. But this is no longer the case. The demand for trafficking of Tokay Geckos has increased remarkably and while a lot of East Asia are breeding them in captivity the supply does not meet the demand. For a more in depth look on the study, head over to

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Fifth Graders Learn Water Conservation Lessons

fifth graders learn water conservation
Education is key to conserving the planet. Here some young kids learn all about the best practices for conserving water. Read more about it here.

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